Favorite Books

Below are some of my favorite books that helped me on my financial journey. Investment in things that will leave you better off, and books are the way to go. The more you learn, the more you will earn.

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Quit Like A Millionaire
My absolute favorite book about saving, living frugally and investing to reach financial independence. This book is so inspiring because Kristy, the author, went from living in poor conditions in China, to becoming a millionaire by 30. Kristy highlights how living a frugal lifestyle helped her and her husband reach FIRE. Must read if you want to lean more about saving money, investing and retiring early.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

A classic book, all about how to make your money work for you. This is a book that should be required to read because it teaches you what the poor don’t teach you. The author teaches what his rich dad showed him, and what his poor dad taught him.

The Simple Path To Wealth
J.L. Collins is an excellent author. Highly recommend this read. Great option if you are interested in investing. This is for beginners to get started on learning more about investing in order to retire. While investing seems difficult to learn, this book is the opposite of that. It is even in the title, it is simple!

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