The Personal Finance Checklist

So, you are interested in managing your money, but you are not sure where to start. Where do you begin? When should you start thinking about personal finance? Well, the answer is today. In attempt to make managing money a simple process, I wrote a checklist for the most important areas of personal finance thatContinue reading “The Personal Finance Checklist”

20 Ways I Save Money

When people ask me how I manage to go to college without taking loans, there is one principle I live by to do so. I keep my expenses low as possible. That is, it. Being able to spend less than you earn is a great habit to have and here is why. There is aContinue reading “20 Ways I Save Money”


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Hi, I’m Dana. Content creator behind Budget-Advisor. My passion lies in helping people maximize their budget to utilize the benefits of savings & investing early on in life. Learn more here.

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