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My story

My name is Dana and I am the content creator behind Budget-Advisor.

What drives me to do this type of work is that from a young age, a lack of money was always a constant issue. Bills went unpaid and we struggled because of it. This is not meant to be a sob story but I want to highlight how my upbringing influenced me to pursue a career in finance and teach others the importance of financial literacy.

How is it that as a child I learned words such as overdraft fee, bankruptcy, can’t afford it, wait till payday, but never learned about budgeting, saving, or investing?

I am here to show you that your upbringing does not have to dictate who you will become, or how you will manage your money. That is up to you.

You’d think that because of my upbringing, that my money management skills would be poor. And they were for some time until I discovered one thing.

It was not until I was in my early twenties that I discovered budgeting. I had to figure out how I was going to afford college when I had very little savings, lived on my own, and worked a minimum wage job as a barista.

To my surprise, following a budget allowed me to plan out where my money would go based on what I could afford.

Literally because of a budget, I have made drastic changes in how I manage money. I paid off my car loan of $4,802 in under two years and I have successfully graduated with my Associates of Science Degree debt-free. I didn’t take out a single loan and paid for it all on my own.

Now I am paying my way through Portland State University loan-free and majoring in Accounting. My entire junior year has been covered by scholarships and I will graduate debt-free with a fully-funded emergency fund, investments for retirement and, a financial plan for my future. All while working two part-time minimum wage jobs. For one of my roles, I work in a Financial Wellness Center and work with students to help them with various financial needs.

So in June of 2020, I decided to share my knowledge & experiences with others outside of my day jobs and this led to the creation of Budget-Advisor, a blog focused on personal finance for college students and recent grads.

Nice to meet you! Still wanting to learn even more about finances? Read my blog posts here.

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