5 Ways to Save Money

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Do you want to know how much the most common expenses people spend on add up to be each year?? (Pandora, Amazon prime etc.)

I did the math and want to share with you how little expenses can have a large price tag over the course of a year.

First of all, the five items I am about to share with you are items I do not spend money on for the sole purpose of saving money. Little subscriptions add up over time and are truly not essential to living.

I operate by buying things that fit in this category : Food, bills, shelter, transportation and school. In other words, NEEDS.

So, on a quest to make the most of my small budget of $1,400 I choose to not buy these things below.

1. Netflix

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I stopped using Netflix once I enrolled in school. Why? It is a distraction from what is actually important in my life. I remember I once watched shows over doing homework. That was the moment I thought “okay, this can’t happen anymore”. Now I save the $8.99 per month which is $107.88 per year. 

What are some other alternatives for TV enthusiasts? Borrow someone else’s account or watch free movies on YouTube! Or…read a book instead.

2. Pandora or Spotify

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How do I manage to do this? I just close out the app when an ad comes on and restart it or turn the volume down temporarily. Hassle? Yes. Free? Yes. It is not a NEED to have ad free music. Pandora is $4.99 a month, or $59.88 per year. 

3. Amazon prime

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Which is $119 yearly. This may save you shipping costs for a few items, and that is great and all if you use Amazon for basic items regularly. But if you don’t buy enough items regularly, it’s really unnecessary. Secret tip, have a friend with prime order it for you.

4. Eyelashes/hair/nails

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I used to get my nails and fake eyelashes done. The eyelashes costed $45 and nails were $31. Now I paint my own nails (rarely actually) and I learned how to cut my own hair. (I will however never dye my hair again after a bad DIY) Getting your nails done is not necessary, but if it’s in your budget go for it. So , $45+$31 =$76. Yearly that is $912.

5. Eating Out

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This will require a more in-depth post to share tips to do this but I rarely eat out. I promise you it is so much cheaper to eat at home! An average lunch out is around $10 so for math purposes let’s assume I eat out 5 days per week for lunch. There are 52 weeks in a year, so: $10×5=$50, $50 X 52 =$2,600 yearly. Imagine how much it will be if you eat out lunch and dinner every day. The secret to eliminating this expense of eating out is meal prepping and buying generic brands at a low cost store like Winco.

Okay, let’s add that all up!

Netflix : $107.88

Pandora: $59.88

Amazon: $119

Nails/Hair : $912

Eating out for lunch: $2,600

Total: $3,798.76

I’d rather save and invest this money. Instead of sinking it in things that don’t pay me back. Everything you spend money on is an investment, so make it count. 

Need a way to track your money? Use one of my budgeting templates!

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